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მისასალმებელი სიტყვა

Ambassador's Welcome


Welcome to the official web page of the Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

This web page will give you the opportunity to learn about the processes taking place in Georgia, follow the dynamics of the development of relations between Georgia and Azerbaijan and find the useful information about our homeland - in the political, economic, legal, humanitarian, cultural and other fields and find out detailed information about consular regulations.

As Ambassador of Georgia, I am glad to pursue my diplomatic service in a friendly neighboring country and strategic partner of Georgia. For me, as the Ambassador of Georgia, the centuries-old relations between the two neighboring countries and the constantly increasing dynamics of cooperation at the present stage are extremely important.

On the difficult path of strengthening our independence, Georgia has always felt and continues to feel the constant support of friendly states, including our closest neighbor and strategic partner – Azerbaijan. 100 years ago, Georgia and the Republic of Azerbaijan gained independence and lost the independence at the same time. Similar historical cataclysms befell us as two neighboring states. We also experienced a period of economic difficulties and, most sadly, the territorial integrity of our countries has been temporarily violated. However, despite these tragic chapters, together we have overcome many problems, initiated and are successfully implementing large-scale energy and transport projects of global importance.

Georgia and Azerbaijan express strong mutual support for the territorial integrity of each other. Since gaining the independence, the two friendly states have achieved significant success in the international arena, and the authority of our countries in the world is growing.

On behalf of the Government of Georgia, I would like to  once again congratulate the Government of Azerbaijan and the friendly Azerbaijani people on the 100th anniversary of the creation of the First Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, and wish further strengthening of statehood, economic progress and prosperity.

I deeply believe that Georgian-Azerbaijani cooperation in the foreign policy sphere will deepen even more, both at the bilateral and multilateral levels, and together we will be able to successfully implement new energy, transport and infrastructure projects that will bring prosperity to our countries, our neighboring peoples, and establish peace and stability in the South Caucasus.

Ambassador of Georgia along with every employee of the diplomatic corps of Georgia in the Republic of Azerbaijan will spare no effort within our competence to help and support all citizens of our homeland, to protect your legal rights and interests. The Embassy of Georgia in the Republic of Azerbaijan is constantly striving to bring the Georgian and Azerbaijani peoples closer together, develop traditionally good neighborly relations between our countries, increase our bonds and deepen cultural and humanitarian ties.